New Yacht

Do you remember the Rolex I talked about a few blogs ago called the Yacht-Master 2?

You can now call me a Yacht Master too 😂, because I now have a yacht to go with it!! 🤩🌟🤩🤩 As expected, Patricia did not appreciate me naming the boat after her, so she doesn’t have a name yet. Any suggestions??! I went with a modest 70 footer but it was much bigger than expected when the seller pulled into our yard with it in tow. It’s a bit of a drive getting out to the water, but I have a very good reason to now! The Wife and I plan to go this weekend.

My kids are all very interested to come back home now that they know I have a yacht … nice try kids! Your mother and father are taking it out for a spin first. I’ll let you go on it afterwards …. For a price 💰💰 

The next time I post I could be out on the water, wearing my Yacht-Master 2, on my yacht. 

Shopping InVacation In Japan

🍵🌸🗻🎎 What do all of these things have in common? I’ll give you another hint… 🗾

That’s right!! Patricia and I are in Tokyo for the week. What pandemic, am I right??! 😂😂 the people here are all wearing masks, so I’m sure we won’t contract anything. It’s also so clean so I highly doubt it.

Places we have already visited this trip: Shibuya, Shinjuku and Akihabra. I am IMPRESSED by how efficient everything is here, just how I like it!! We got most of our shopping done already (Sonia insisted that we buy her KitKat bars and a very particular brand of sake … if you’re reading this, we did, you don’t need to remind us everyday … we’re not that old and forgetful lol!!) Next stop is Hokkaido up in the north because Patricia wants to go to their natural hot springs. I wouldn’t mind a soak either!! 🛀🏻

We leave in three days, then it’s back to the 9-5. Japan: we will see you again!!

A Rolex Is Worth It

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing”. I don’t recall where I heard that quote but I (and my new Rolex!!) agree. Time is precious … so you should celebrate by buying yourself a nice watch! After years of being on the fence about it, I sprung for the Yacht-Master 2 ⌚⛵ and let me tell you, I don’t regret it. The respect! The class! The admiration and value! Patricia humored me the first week I had my watch and asked me what time it was every ten minutes and I was happy to tell her!! She wasn’t completely on board with the purchase but I think I’ve changed her mind.

Some of you may be wondering why the Yacht-Master 2…… you will find out in a few months 😉 

For anyone who can’t decide if a Rolex is for you, I have an answer for you: it is!!

Why I Love Owning Tythonic Stock

Ah the stock market. To own a piece of a company like Tythonic is a #blessing I figured it was about time I did after all my years working here and how much this company has changed my life … and how well it’s doing on the market!! There’s a lot of potential here (and I would know as the Financial Operations Executive lol😂) and I am perfectly happy letting it sit for a few years and net me more 💸💸 when I sell. Who knows? The way that Tythonic is going, this could be very good for me!

Does Clearwater Laundry still ring a bell? (It’s my high tech laundromat business) as the founder I of course have stock for that too!! I’ve opened up investment to close friends … would any of you be interested if it became a publicly traded company? Just kidding!! I don’t know if that’s the right move for Clearwater …

Daniel, if you’re reading this: let your old man teach you a thing or two about the stock market!!

Fun In The Florida Sunshine 😂

Guess where I’m writing this post from!! Delray Beach, Florida 🌴😎 I surprised Patricia with last minute tickets. You should have seen the look on her face! She looked like 😯 then 😍 LOL!! Work has been exhausting for both of us so I decided work should also relax us. This means all inclusive resort, scuba diving, snorkeling, and 🥃 for me, 🍸 for the missus!

We are having a fantastic time. I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. Well I do … but that’s a secret 😉 I think when you reach a certain age, money is for spending, not for saving!! Enjoy life, #CarpeDiem!!!

Patricia is waiting for me to finish so we can go to see some Japanese Gardens. Bye for now 👋

Founding A Company

Who here has been to a laundromat?? Do kids these days even know what those are anymore LOL! Patricia told Trevor that she isn’t going to do his laundry anymore. Poor kid had to go to a laundromat and he was Very confused 😂 for those who don’t know, a laundromat is Self Service Laundry. You put in a coin to use their washers and come back later and use their dryers. Simple and very lucrative 💸💸💸

Now we’re getting to the exciting part of this blog. I’ll share a secret with readers…..I am the founder of a high tech laundromat!! I named it Clearwater Laundry. You dump your clothes into a sorting machine and it separates your whites and your colors. It also moves the wet clothes from the washer straight into the dryer so you don’t have to come back. Genius right??! Almost sounds too good to be true LOL>
#ClearwaterLaundry, coming to a neighborhood near you 😜😜😂

I’m Proud To Work for Tythonic Industries !!

Read the title 👆👆 I’m Proud To Work for Tythonic Industries!! I have a tremendous amount of respect for my peers as well as CEO Elia Brandt. They know how to treat their employees well! Other companies, take a page out of Tythonic’s book!! I Hear people talk about being micro-managed at work and I have no idea what they are talking about because Tythonic employees get the job done so managers don’t need to worry.

Very humbling As their Financial Operations Executive, I am balancing delicate information and never once has Elia asked me to check my figures again … that is how much she trusts me! I’m honored.

So much potential at this company. Thank you Tythonic!! 💸💰👍😁

Hitting The Gym 💪💪👍

I discovered an amazing kind of new exercise. Have you heard of crossfit??!? It’S INCREDIBLE!!! They call it a “high intensity interval training’ whatever that means LOL. I have been training 7 days a week and I can’t stop!! 💪 I feel the difference already. It was difficult in the beginning to follow along because there’s one work out a day but as my father used to say to me “You can’t get anywhere without determination Grover!!”

I’m hooked and turning our den into a workout area. I already purchased kettle bells, ropes, plyo boxes and those stationery bikes. Patricia isn’t too pleased with it but she’ll be singing a different tune when she sees the results!! 💪👍

P.S. Trevor showed me these picture things called emojis. Very cool@

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